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Lippert Music Centre began on Pape Avenue as a two-room home-based music school in 1957.

Since then it has grown to an 11+ room music school with over 400 students enrolled.

970 Pape Avenue was built in 1944 by a friend of the Lippert family, and was originally the first house on this part of the street. In 1957 Lippert Music Centre was started as a home-based business by Joseph Lippert Jr., and was one of the first establishments of Pape Village.

In the early days, Mr. Lippert spent most of his time travelling and teaching accordion in people's homes. He always had a full roster of students, and they affectionately remember his caring teaching style and the Tupperware he always carried full of coffee from house to house.

As time passed and the popularity of the accordion began to wane, Mr. Lippert started introducing piano, guitar, banjo and bass to his teaching skills. After many years of being on the road, Mr. Lippert decided to make the Pape location the main focus for lessons.

In 1996, Mr. Lippert retired and passed on the music school to his daughter Charleen. Through the years, Mr. Lippert maintained a reputation for high-quality teaching, which formed a basis for what Lippert Music Centre Inc. is today.

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We are now offering in-home lessons at $42 per half hour lesson.
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