Rachel Colman

Rachel Colman was born and raised in southern Manitoba, an area rich in musical heritage. Her love for music was noticeable at an early age, and her enjoyment in sharing her gift through performance began with local festivals and school music programs.

After finishing her Bachelor of Music at Brandon University, Rachel followed her interest in vocal music and studied Collaborative Piano with Laura Loewen and Judy Kehler-Siebert at University of Manitoba. She completed her Post-Baccalaureate in 2012, where her studies focused on the skills needed to collaborate with other musicians, playing orchestral and operatic music, and language studies for vocal music. It has challenged her to explore the limitless possibilities of the piano as it interacts with the sounds of other instruments and as she encounters the personalities and styles of her collaborating musicians. Rachel seeks to bring from the piano a whole orchestra of colorful sound and support for those with whom she collaborates.

Rachel had the great opportunity, in March 2012, to tour with Charmaine Bacon, flutist, through the Home Routes Classical series in rural Manitoba and Saskatchewan, bringing Classical music into communities which do not often have the opportunity to hear it, and interacting with audiences in ways that Classical music does not usually allow.

Rachel began her private teaching studio in Winnipeg in 2009. She is flexible with teaching methods, and strives to be aware of the strengths and shortcomings of different methods so as to give the student a well-rounded education, especially through the inclusion of ear training and the understanding of harmony.


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