Neven Prostran

Neven is a cross-genre guitarist with a Bachelor of Music degree from the university of Toronto. While his studies honed his skill on the classical guitar, he is no stranger to rock, pop, folk, metal, jazz and flamenco music.

Neven came to Canada with his family at just 3 years of age from war-torn former Yugoslavia and took up the guitar in his teens. From there he quickly began to explore the bass and piano and dabbled in the violin.

In the classical realm, Neven has won cross-province awards for his performance in RCM exams and has been a two-time provincial finalist in various guitar competitions. He is currently in the process of recording an album of classical guitar music to be completed in 2015.

His teaching style caters towards the goals and interests of each individual student. He loves to incorporating a students favourite styles of music, artists and interests in lessons and is always looking for new and interesting ways to enhance the learning experience.

  • New to the staff in 2012.
  • Currently studying undergrad degree at UofT, and towards ARCT at the RCM
  • Earned Silver medal from the Royal Conservatory of Music for highest mark in Guitar
  • Roots in rock music and electric guitar.

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