Klaus Anselm

Klaus had the privilege of attending Humber College, obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Jazz Studies with Honours as well as a Bachelor of Music. While at Humber where he studied with some of the finest and accomplished players in the country including Steve Crowe, Alastair Kay, Brian O’Kane, and Steve McDade.

Humber also exposed Klaus to Composing and Arranging (with Andy Ballantyne and Dave Stillwell), Jazz Pedagogy (with Brian Lillos), and other courses in Music Theory, Improvisation, Aural Training, Jazz History, Solo Performance, Repertoire Development, and many more. Following Humber, Klaus obtained his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, which was articulated through Humber College.

Klaus has enjoyed teaching private lessons in Kingston and the Greater Toronto area in a multitude of educational settings, ranging from one on one customized lessons as well as one on one lessons in a structured school curriculum to giving group clinics.

Sharing the passion of music and trumpet playing with students remains one of Klaus’ goals which he continuously evolves with every student.

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